Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Xmas08 148

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Onwards to 2009


The battle continues.  Lots of sparring will take place in 2009.  Just ask Tom Omstead--the warrior atop the steed and behind the mask.  Onwards and upwards to 2009 we go...

Monday, December 29, 2008

Training Day at Loaring Physio

The first Training Day of the winter was held yesterday at Loaring Physio.  A solid group of 30 biked for 90', ran outside in crazy wind for 20' to 45', and performed 'prehab' and core exercises for 30'.  We all worked up an appetite and were rewarded with a wonderful feast from Koolini Restaurant that arrived just as we were finishing up the exercises.  It was a wonderful morning of positive energy and social camaraderie.  Everyone left with a smile, inspiration, and a full belly.

There will be two Training Days in January: Sunday January 11th and 25th.  There is no charge to participate in these Training Days and athletes of all ages and ability are welcome.  It will be a pot-luck theme where everyone brings a healthy appetizer.  It is the perfect way to spend a Sunday morning: 3h of inspiration and educational group exercise, followed by replenishing with a dozen healthy appetizers :-)



Saturday, December 27, 2008

Annika's First Christmas

Annika had a wonderful Christmas and was spoiled by Santa.  After two full days of entertainment at the Sharratt's, Annika is now cozy at 'the cottage'.
At the Sharratt's just before a BIG Feast.
Santa gave this to Bre.  A wonderful assortment of captured moments.  It will look nice in our living room.

Annika with Grandpa Sharratt.  Grandpa & Grandma Sharratt were amazing and treated Annika to a truly special Christmas.

Annika being held by Martha Stewart.
Grandpa Loaring with Martha and daddy.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

LPC Captured Moments 2008

This slide show features a few captured moments of Loaring Personal Coaching (LPC) athletes, coaches, and support crew from 2008. Cheers to the many great moments in 2008, and to many more great moments in 2009 and beyond...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Annika Meets Santa

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Loaring Physio December e-News

Click the image below to view the Loaring Physiotherapy & Health Centre December e-Newsletter.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Onwards and Upwards from Down Under and Beyond

The final triathlon for Team LPC takes place this weekend on the other side of the world in Perth, Australia. Pat Hayes will end the 2008 triathlon racing season for LPC when he participates in Ironman Western Australia on Sunday. Pictured below is a very white Pat shortly after arriving Down Under. We can all count on two things:
1. Pat will not be as white when he returns home.
2. We are all jealous that he is where he is.

In the background of the pic (taken from Manly Beach) is the skyline of Sydney, host city of the 2000 Olympic Games, where another very white Canadian put triathlon on the global map.

While we are trying to stay warm in our homes, sipping away on our Tim Hortons coffee mug, Pat will be playing in the Aussie heat, and finish what has been a very successful year for LPC athletes.

While the triathlon season is about to come to end for a couple of months, there are still several swimming and running events on the near horizon. I suppose there really is no off-season. While many of us are taking some well deserved time off, or ez active recovery unstructured training, others are in a "base/strength/skill development" phase, while others are prepping for upcoming races.

What am I doing? Well I am a busy bee these days and loving every minute of my sleep deprived state. Sleep has been sacrificed to long hours in front of the computer, and long hours 'playing' with my precious Annika. Training is going well at the PTC, nothing crazy, just rolling along like we should be in the month of December. I have not been able to make all of the sessions, but I have been plugging away with just over 10h training per week the past month, and keeping as consistent as possible. While that is by no means a grueling training load, given the time of the year, and my current priorities of being a daddy and coach, I am pleased with the fact that my fitness is ok and I have not become a 300 pound Beast like some had predicated. Stay tuned for an LPC season wrap-up and 2008 slide show of LPC athletes in action and at ease.