Wednesday, August 11, 2010

RTC invade col de watson

5 reps up col de watson…off to the jungle…

and edited Audrey Meadows by Ian Donald:

Thursday, August 5, 2010

RTC invade Audrey Meadows

RTC August 5th Bike at Audrew Meadows (1k sub-division loop). Unedited footage of "meat" portions of main set.

Warning: no soundtrack and might be very boring for many…perhaps Ian Donald…a man of many talents…will edit this into a spectacular piece?

The Squad: AH, AQ, ID, RP, TB, TL.
Coach: JL (filling in for CT while he is in Europe coaching the Nat Team)
The session: WU: 30' ez. PS: 5 loops of paceline and cornering. MS: 1 loop hard, 1 ez, 2 hard, 2 ez, 3 hard, 3 ez. CD: 30' ez.

The pace was “On” during the “hard”…a “harder” pace than intended..which usually ends up being the case when you put a bunch of motivated young guns on a 1k crit course.  All in all, a good session after a solid 5k swim, short session with some “meat’, that will help simulate the gong show first couple k in Kelowna.  More meat tomorrow :)