Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Leaves Are Falling

After enjoying a bit of time off training after my final triathlon of the year (Elite Nats in Kelowna), I was itching to get outside for some aerobic runs in the trails of Preservation Park. The leaves are beginning to fall and turn colour, and the deer are always eager to play a friendly game of chase. This is my favourite time of the year.

The year sure has flown by, and the summer ended with a jam-packed weekend that maximized time outdoors in perfect weather.

I spontaneously entered the Falling Leaves 7.5 Trail Run on Sep 19th. I ended up having a good run, especially considering that I hadn't completed any speed work since before Kelowna. The Guelph Mercury wrote an article here. Then I had a blast watching Bre push Annika in the 1k kid's dash (Annika walked the final 10m). And then we watched the fast gazelles tear up the course in the collegiate race.

The very next day (sep 20) was the Caledon Running Festival. C3 put on an amazing show, and Annika enjoyed participating in the 1 mile kid's race.

This past weekend was the Guelph Downtown 5k. Like a weekend warrior, I laced up once again, and finished 2nd, sandwiched between sparring mates Derek Snider and Mike Hay.

To the right of this post are a few twitter updates that have links that show a few pics and videos captured from what has been a wonderful couple of weeks.

Laying low before the big race.

All set and ready for battle.

1008 kids take off in the one mile kid's dash

Taking a short rest break to catch a photo with Lisa Bentley.

Epic finishing sprint

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Upcoming Events

Lots of racing taking place this weekend!  Click on the image below to expand the Team LPC Event Calendar.

I just registered for Saturday's Falling Leaves 7.5k Cross Country Run.  I was planning on doing a tempo run on Saturday morning, and just heard about this event moments ago.  The run takes place over the same course as the Canadian Cross Country Champs on Nov 28th.  The New Balance Vic Matthews Open (formerly the Gryphon Open) takes place at noon (2 hours after the Falling Leaves) over the exact same course.  So it will be fun to watch the varsity gazelles tear up the course.  I love cross-county running, and Guelph is home to some of the best trails in Ontario (in my biased opinion). 

The finale of the HSBC Triathlon Series takes place in Lakeside on Saturday and Sunday.  The final of the Running Factory Series takes place in Windsor on Sunday.  The run for the Grapes Half-Marathon is going down in St. Catherines on Sunday.  And Sunday will also feature the Caledon Running Festival (which offers a 1 mile kids run, 5k, and 10 miler).  I just registered Annika up for the 1 mile fun run, which hopes to break a national participation record by attracting over 1000 kids.  Bre will be jogging with Annika in her stroller, and I will be cheering them, and all the kids, with a loud mouth and cow bells. 

What a wonderful time of year to be out biking and running.  Make the most of it!

Team LPC Upcoming Events

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Since I joined twitter a few weeks ago, I have been slack with updating the blog.  A single tweet is very time efficient, so I will likely continue to provide quick twitter updates that most might find pretty useless information.  I love how twitter syncs with Facebook and Blogger, and it's applications "twitpic" and "twitvid" are genius.  You can see my twitter updates on the top right of this blog.  Tweeting from my blackberry allows me to post photos and videos.  I have already posted several pics and vids, including one taken today of Annika walking.   So without further adieu, you can 'follow' my tweets on this blog, or here:

I have said the word twit and tweet way too many times in this post.  What have a gotten myself into? 

But this doesn't mean I will be no longer be updating the Loaring Chronicles!  You can't get rid of me that easily (is there anyone even reading this?)  Stay tuned for a catch-up blog post...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dopers Suck

I am delighted to hear of the news that the WTC is (apparently) stepping up (finally!) by taking a more proactive approach in the fight against dopers.  This announcement has massive implications, and it will be interesting to see how it evolves.  Drug testing (especially random out-of-competition testing) is very expensive to administer, and the WTC is a private enterprise, and is not governed by the ITU.  As we all know, the primary goal of every corporation is to maximize profits and/or shareholder wealth.  But every successful corporation implements a certain degree of social responsibility into their long-term strategic thinking.  Will the WTC actually implement this press release?  Or is it all propaganda with little action?  The latter has historically been the case.  Moving onwards, time will tell...and at the very least, I hope this announcement will act as a deterrent against using PEDs..dopers suck.

WTC anti-doping press release here

Below is an article by Slowtwitch's Dan Emphield

World Triathlon Corporation (WTC), owner and organizer of the Ironman and 70.3 event brands, announced today the launch of a new Anti-Doping Program. "Beginning this month," said WTC in a written statement, "athletes competing in Ironman and 70.3 events are eligible for in and out-of-competition drug testing."

One new feature welcome to anti-doping fans is, finally, an out-of-competition (OOC) pool of Ironman athletes. The pool of American athletes tested out of competition has 'til now been strikingly skewed toward Olympic-distance, ITU-format athletes.

Another new feature, perhaps less welcome to many athletes, is that the OOC pool will consist of both "professional and elite age group athletes who have qualified for either of the World Championships." This means top AGers may have drug testers showing up at their doors. Further, the OOC program requires athletes to register with registered with WADA’s Anti-Doping Administration and Management System (ADAMS). This system manages the athletes' whereabouts and racing calendars, in addition to serving as the results clearinghouse for the program.

WTC announced that, "the partner and service provider for all testing and administration will be the Association of National Anti-Doping Organizations – Anti-Doping Service (ANADO-ADS)." ANADO is the organization with which WTC chose to partner, because it is an international organization. Each country's national doping agency (USADA in the U.S.) will perform and manage testing.

Drug testing has been important to WTC ever since its president and CEO, Ben Fertic (pictured), took the helm. Indeed, it was one of several issues leading to WTC's setting up its own quasi-sanctioning Global Triathlon Group in 2005. WTC returned to USAT sanctioning 9 months later, only after triathlon's national governing body agreed to co-fund enhanced USADA drug-testing at all WTC's North American Ironman-distance events.

Fertic has been adamant that drug testing should occur at every one of WTC's Ironman-distance events, but winners of U.S.-based Ironman races in recent years report that they haven't been drug tested. Today's announcement should mean that drug testing will occur with greater frequency, and at 70.3 events as well.