Sunday, March 29, 2009

Around The Bay

Thousands of runners braved the chilly rain at the 114th annual Around The Bay Road Race in Hamilton this morning.  After a looooong drive from Florida, I was happy to cheer on LPC athletes Dawn, Halinka, Jane, Helen, and Margaret.  They all raced the 30k and all had excellent performances.  All five triathletes used this race as a stepping stone for upcoming marathons or Ironmans.  ATB is an excellent early season race that serves as a cob-web scraper.  Great job ladies!

Results here

Here is a pic taken from the New Balance booth minutes before the start.  Everyone was in high spirits and brought a positive attitude to the start line, and a smile to the finish line. 


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

BJAM & The Fam in the South

Here are some captured moments from a wonderful five weeks in Florida.  We are all excited to head back home sweet home to the north and continue to grow onwards and upwards...

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Multi-Sport Symposium April 4th

Beginning at 8am, on April 4th, Dearborn Health in Waterloo, Ontario, will be hosting their annual Multi-Sport Symposium.  I have been asked to one of several guest speakers.  My presentation will approach how an endurance athlete can go about planning their own training and racing 'plan of attack'.  Coach CT will also be a featured guest speaker.  Craig will be discussing perspectives of training fundamentals.  It is always a humbling experience going up in front of a crowd and chatting about things that you are passionate about.  I look forward to the experience, and also look forward to hearing Craig and the other experts share their wisdom.  Click below for more info...

23-03-2009 1-52-43 PM

Sunday, March 22, 2009

More Pics from the LPC Florida Triathlon Camp

Edit: LPC Florida Triathlon Camp web site with full info HERE

A wonderful week in Kissimmee, Florida has come and gone. The memories remain. Campers were treated to perfect weather, good eats, excellent training, and tons of fun. Coaches Jeff, Rob, and Char were an amazing help. They really know there stuff! Great times were had by all. I can hardly wait for next year! The 2010 LPC Florida Triathlon Camp will be held March 13th to March 20th.

Sunrise at the beach of Orange Lake Country Club Resort. Time for an open water swim!
LPC Florida 2 015

The athletic facility at the very posh town of Celebration.
LPC Florida 2 001

Coach Jeff providing underwater swim video for the campers.
LPC Florida 2 008

Swimming at the 350 meter long River Island Pool. Simply the best pool I have ever swum in!
LPC Florida 2 033

After a solid morning swim. Now off to Houlihan's for the breakfast buffet.
LPC Florida 2 041

The entrance to our accommodations. And enroute to the Tiki Bar for some (one) green beer on St. Patty's Day.
LPC Florida 3 012

This is what our view was when lying on our back during Prehab and Core exercises.
LPC Florida 3 037

Immediately before tackling the infamous Sugarloaf climb.
LPC Florida 4 028

Our 4th swim venue of the camp: The 50m NTC pool in Clermont.
LPC Florida 4 071
Coach Jeff celebrating an epic win on the air hockey table.
LPC Florida 5 028

Keith and John battling in a race that was decided by the hair on their chins.
LPC Florida 5 042

Annika's magical playground.
LPC Florida Camp Mar09 082

Coach Rob and I navigating the never-ending West Orange Trail.
LPC Florida Camp Mar09 096

And so it begins...the first work-out of the inaugural LPC Florida Triathlon Camp.
mar16 106

Dynamic stretching before every workout. Coach Rob and I made sure of it :-)
mar20 048

Onwards and upwards at the 10 mile Orange Grove Trail.
mar20 140