Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thundering Along

Training has been rolling along well the past couple of weeks.  I have not been swimming as much as I would like (still struggling to make all the wkts while wearing other more important hats), but the focus has been on biking since I am gearing up for the Triple-T triathlon on May 22-24.  I have enjoyed some excellent rides here in Guelph.  The rolling terrain is just fantastic.  It has been fun training with the Quarq CinQo PM for the last couple months, and trying to boost the FTP to a higher and higher wattage.  Still lots of work to do!  But I am as healthy as a horse (see video below) and have no aches and pains.  Props to CoachCT and the PTC for their excellent training program and comradery.  Mike Hay has been making it out to several sessions--it is great having him.  Onwards and upwards we go.

Congrats go out to Dawn Van Vlack and Jim Cooke for their performances in last week's Boston marathon.  Some recovery and then the attention switches to the upcoming tri season.

Jane MacLeod, Keith Henry, and Dennis Masse raced well at the Trail Half Marathon this past Sunday.  It is an incredibly challenging course that I have MTB'd several times.  I give all the respect to those that conquered it by foot.  Jane is a terminator and won her age-group by 12 minutes!  I had them ride 100k with a short run off the bike the day before this race--and they still managed to run well on tired legs.  That weekend of training will help prep them for Triple-T and their upcoming Ironmans. 

What events are on the horizon for Team LPC?  Click the image below to have a look. 

30-04-2009 12-33-04 PM

Annika will make her endurance sport debut on May 9th when she participates in the New Hamburg 3k Run.  Beautiful Bre will push her in the stroller.  I can't wait to watch this race, which will feature the entire Sharratt family.

This weekend I am off to Windsor for some fun training, and catching up with friends, family, and Team LPC athletes. 

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Douglas Worthy Friman

I have been incredibly fortunate to have lived, trained, and raced, with Doug, over the years.  Not only has he been one of my favourite training partners, but he has become a great friend.  I was very pleased to read this nice article that captured a true legend of our sport.  Doug is so humble, and so laid back, he just did the work and strived for excellence--every single day--year after year.  Doug's desire, relentless passion, and perseverance, will never be forgotten.  Today's young junior elites can learn a lot from guys like Doug.  Nothing comes easy in this sport, and Doug accomplished a heck of a lot off of pure blood, toil, tears, and sweat.  Cliff talked about one of Doug's favourite triathlon moments below, when Doug claimed third at the Corner Brook World Cup years ago.  I will never forget what the tall, lanky, humble Doug said to me that evening after his podium finish--"If I can have the fastest run in a World Cup, then anyone can".  Just like Cliff says in the article, "While many athletes dream of the Olympics, Doug went after that dream." And he did so with the kind of grit and tenacity that commands the greatest respect. 

Coach Cliff English shares the story of Doug Friman, a triathlete who raced around the world in pursuit of the Olympic dream.

At the end of June 2008, an unopened bike box sat in a Tucson condominium. It signified not only the end of the road but also the end of a career and perhaps even an era. After more than 20 years of training, racing, traveling around the world and living out of a suitcase, Douglas Friman had completed his final Olympic trials and was hanging up his running shoes for good. 

Doug was an unsung hero of our sport who for the last decade raced around the world in pursuit of the Olympic dream. Known by all on the ITU World Cup circuit as a man with a big heart and a tiny Speedo, Doug was perhaps the most underrated triathlete the U.S. has ever produced. Quiet and unassuming, Doug was never one to self-promote—he just worked hard and got the job done. He was a blue-collar triathlete: short on fancy gear but long on hard work and self-discipline. His results speak for themselves, as this brief resume will attest:

Full Article

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Nope, You Lose

In this video, I am the fellow on the left and David Sharratt is the mule on the right:

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Friday, April 17, 2009

Random Blabber

The purpose here at the Loaring Chronicles is to provide "random blabber concerning health & fitness, coaching, and family life...onwards and upwards we go..."

So here goes...

Training blabber:

The past week of training at the PTC has gone really well.  I did a fun long bike with Dave this past Saturday.  We rode the "Rattlesnake Loop" from my house.  It is such an awesome 90k loop from Guelph to Milton, up Rattlesnake, down Appleby Line, up Sixth Line, and back home.  I forgot just how steep Rattlenake is!  We tried to keep the effort down as much as possible on this climb without falling over.  After looking at the data from my Quarq CinQo powermeter, it said the climb is 690m long at an average grade of 13.2%.  In my easiest gear, at an average rpm of only 56, I still had to produce 330 watts to get up it.  I have a 25x12 cassette and think I might need to get a 27 tooth cog for Triple-T next month.  Soon I will have a go and see how fast I can ride up Rattlensnake.  Who wants to have a go with me?

CoachCT had us smash a couple of hard back-to-back sessions on Tues and Wed.  I think my fitness is starting to come along, but it still has a loooooong ways to go.  Lots of time.

Coaching blabber:

Team LPC continues to roll along.  7 LPC athletes made it out to the annual Running Factory 100k Group Friday Bike Ride.  I was sad to have missed this ride.  But it is awesome to hear that the ride attracted 67 triathletes/cyclists on what was a chilly and windy day. 

Good Friday Ride 004 Good Friday Ride 014
Pat Hayes and Dennis Masse will be participating in Sunday's Paris to Ancaster Bike Race.

Dawn Van Vlack and Jim Cooke are competing in the Boston Marathon on Monday.  I look forward to viewing the live online coverage.

A huge congrats to Travis Goron for being awarded an academic entrance scholarship to the University of Guelph.  Travis has maintained a 95% average throughout all of high school!  Beginning in September, Travis will be training at the Provincial Triathlon Centre (PTC) while studying Biology at the University of Guelph.

Family blabber:

It was a wonderful Easter Weekend at The Sharratt's.  Once again, Brian and Janet cooked up a wonderful storm of food.  Annika was once again the center of attention.  She just had her ears pierced.  Oh no, it starts now!

Huge monster props to my little bro Dave "Pre" Sharratt for being awarded Conestoga's Male Athlete of Year.  This is the second year in a row Dave has been given this honour.  However, I am even more proud of him for resurrecting his popular blog.

So that is some random blabber from the past week.  No doubt I am missing a few points.  Until next time, onwards and upwards we gooooooooo..........

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter

apr9 018 apr9 013

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Annika Turns 0.5

Precious little Annika is six months old today.  What a wonderful ride it has been so far...

apr3 042  apr3 050 apr3 052   apr3 066   apr3 083

Monday, April 6, 2009

Winter Wonderland

It has been just over a week since I said bye-bye to the sun and warmth of Florida.  I did not expect to wake up this morning to a winter wonderland.

Things continue to be very busy!  I am back training at the PTC.  Tyler, Dorelle and Ang have been humbling me in the water.  ADM brought his A game.  Yesterday was another PTC Training Day.  It is always fun to train with the many talented junior elites that come out to these motivating training sessions.  Taylor crushed me in the run wkt.  I was pooped come Sunday evening! 

The weekend started off with the annual Dearborn Health Multi-Sport Symposium.  I was one of several speakers, and really enjoyed the experience.   I encourage those in the KW area to come out to this wonderful learning day next year.

Props to LPC athletes Jane MacLeod, Dennis Masse, Charlotte Loaring, Stef Rossi, and Keith Henry, for successfully tackling the 10mile Miracle Run on Sunday.  Jane, Dennis, and Keith (and I) will be participating in the infamous Triple-T triathlon.  This weekend was there first simulation to prep for that race.  They all raced really well (on a crazy hilly course!!!), especially considering they all rode long the day before.  Pictured below is Char and Dennis before the start of the race. 

In big news, Annika turns 6 months tomorrow!  Wow time flies when you are having fun!  And being a daddy is lots of fun.  So until the next post (which of course will be tomorrow with a current pic of Annika), I must get back to plugging away...onwards and upwards...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Florida Triathlon Camp Video

Edit: Full details regarding the March 13th to 20th, 2010 LPC Florida Triathlon Camp are available here

Have a look at the 3 minute camp video that Coach Jeff Cowan put together. The date of the next LPC Florida Triathlon Camp has been set for March 13th to 20th (march break). More details will be posted within the month.