Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This is what I see as I look into the crystal ball…

A looooong time ago…before I became a passionate tri-geek, I was a passionate football (soccer) player.  Not surprisingly, I closely follow the World Cup.  Here are my arm-chair predictions:

Paraguay and Spain will win today’s matches.  This afternoon’s match is worthy of a final…if Portugal topples Spain…then they are worthy of going the distance.  But Spain’s depth is too good for Portugal on this day.

29-06-2010 9-59-58 AM


Uruguay over Ghana (sorry Africa…say it ain’t so…I am rooting along with you even though I refuse to blow into a vuvuzela)

Brazil over Netherlands in a must-see match.  Two very good teams!  Netherlands has always been my favourite team…and this one could go either way.  Whoever wins this match will make it (but lose) in the final.

Germany over Argentina in a thriller (The Germans upset and get the job done…and Maradona explodes)

Spain steamrolls over Paraguay (with a dazzling display of midfielding prowess)


Brazil trumps Uruguay…the Cinderella story comes to an end :(

Spain over Germany…unless it enters a shoot-out..in which case Germany prevails.  But my crystal ball says it won’t go into OT…the Spaniards have too much firepower.


Brazil versus Spain: The Might Spaniards become the 2010 World Cup Champions!

Chances are extremely high that I am way off…but it will be fun to see how this unfolds…

Monday, June 28, 2010

Huge News for Windsor hot off the press:


ICG Committee announced that in a unanimous decision Windsor Essex has been awarded the 2013 Summer Games.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Allied Force vs C3 battle for triathlon supremacy

A friendly war will take place over the battlefields of Guelph Lake Conservation Area this Sunday. Grand Poo-Bah Barrie Shepley has challenged Team Allied Force to a friendly competition at the Guelph Olympic Triathlon. After much negotiation, the criteria has been set:

Each team can name up to 7 athletes.
First 4 athletes on each team count for scoring.
Lowest cumulative time of scoring athletes wins.

Both teams have a few athletes not racing on Sunday…so both teams will not be firing on all cylinders. Barrie and I will be the crazy coaches on the sidelines blowing our vuvuzelas (of which we don’t have) and cheering everyone on. Me racing was contingent on Barrie racing…so I won’t be racing. Barrie things I am a huge wuss for not racing…and he is probably right. But it will be tons of fun watching!

Team Allied Force (coaches Mike Hay and James Loaring):
Mike Hay
Mark Linseman
Tyler Lord
Jonathon McMillan
Ryan Power
Melissa French
Jeff Medd

Team C3 (coach Barrie Shepley):
Sean Bechtel
David Sharratt
Andrew Woegerer
Gary Hutchinson
Hans Porten
Claudia Johnson
Andrew Yorke

I think it will be a very close contest….and might come down to seconds between both teams after a cumulative time of over 8 hours.

The losing team will have to wear the other team’s uniform and pay homage during a team photo.

Both teams are encouraged to donate and help support two great causes:

On August 10th Miguel Vadillo (malva) will make an attempt to cross Lake Ontario.This swim will help organizations to raise money to help children to learn how to swim in organized programs and to provide young people with positive life changing experiences

The Loaring Triathlon takes place on July 17th, where all proceeds go towards the Elena Loaring Memorial Fund for Breast Cancer Research.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

T-Minus One Month

Only one month to go before the July 17th Loaring Triathlon :)