Monday, September 29, 2008

Launch of the New Loaring Physiotherapy & Health Centre

This past weekend was very busy with much on the 'to do' list. But the most important item on this list to put a check by, was to help big sis relocate Loaring Physio into a brand new 5400 square foot property in Tecumseh, Ontario. 30 friends helped out for a portion of the weekend. I can't believe how much we accomplished in 48 hours. The new facility is amazing, and so are all of our friends!
The large open concept workout area will be able to accommodate mega training days over the winter. The right side of the room (not visible in pic) is where the physio beds are located.

Testing out the equipment in full stride.

One of two massage therapy rooms. The facility also has 5 offices, one large conference room and kitchen, 4 storage rooms, two reception offices, a waiting room, and bathrooms and showers. It is a health centre that Essex County has never seen before. And it is equipped with a Team of 15 multidisciplinary experts.
Part of the moving crew.
Jane dancing with Mr. Bones (who is sporting the New LPC aero helmet and new Team Issue Jacket).
After a busy day, we celebrated my dad's 63rd birthday. Happy Birthday Pops!

The new Loaring Physiotherapy & Health Centre is open for business today. And a new chapter begins. Onwards and upwards we go.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

In the Home Stretch

Bre's due date is Oct 21st, so if we hit it bang on, that means yesterday marked t-minus 4 weeks. It is anybodies guess as to when Baby Loaring will decide to come into this world. Bre and I can hardly wait. This is an extremely exciting time for us.

Pregnancy has been treating Bre very well. She has been an inspiration. She has also been a machine in prepping the nursery for our little one. We have been acquiring lots of goodies, including an HD camcorder that I just ordered to capture many priceless moments.

The guest bedroom has been converted to our baby room. Now our guests have to sleep in the basement. Sorry.

Breannika chilling on the couch after a full day in the office. Maverick is on the other couch reading "I'm Pregnant: A week-by-week guide". He can't wait to protect his little sis.

Uncle David testing out the stroller, to the delight of Maverick and Max.
Our backyard overlooks beautiful Preservation Forest--a place where I proposed, and a place where Bre and I (and Maverick) play with friendly deer. We look forward to nice walks and sunsets in PF for years to a happy family.

Monday, September 15, 2008

LPC at Muskoka 70.3

Bre and I drove up to Muskoka last weekend to watch the Muskoka HIM. At the beginning of this year, I tickled with the idea of jumping into this event, but CoachCT and I decided before Kelowna, that Guelph Lake II on Aug 30th, would be my final tri of the season. But there was no way that the coach in me was going to miss cheering on Team LPC. It was a fun weekend of learning, cheering, and observing. Major congrats to the athletes who battled on the awesomely hard course.

Brian and Keith seconds after Brian completed his first HIM.

Dennis Masse looking strong and relaxed 3k into the half-marathon.

Keith happy to be finishing the challenging 94k bike in the rain.
Keith out of the 2k swim in 37'. When Keith joined LPC 15 months ago, he was just learning how to swim and swam 500 meters in 20'. In 15 months of consistent hard/smart work, he can now swim 4 times that distance in less than double the time.

Brian running up to T1.

The calm before the storm. Dennis and Keith ready for battle.

Bre and Maverick being professional cheerleaders in the rain.
Beautiful Bre is 8 months pregnant and was a machine cheering on Brian and the rest of the crew. I think she covered a half-marathon of power walking to the various vantage points.

Maverick was the perfect example of the kind of mind-set that you wanted to be in prior to, and during this race. He had a blast being outside all day long playing in the rain.
Part of my purpose for being at Muskoka 70.3, was that I wanted to observe the emotions of all of the participants over the course of the weekend. I can usually put an athlete into two broad categories. Those that let the uncontrollable negatively affect their performance. And those that brush off external factors such as rain as part of the game. I noticed some athletes 'throwing in the towel' because their A-race of the year brought tough challenging conditions. "Why does it have to rain today!" Those that did well had a positive attitude and embraced the event for what it was, and dealt with harsh elements the best they could, in a positive manner.

We can learn a lot from a puppy and young child. They are always happy to be playing out in the rain. Why should that be any different for an adult 'playing' in a triathlon. Control the controllable and choose to deal with the uncontrollable in a positive way.

Keith, Doug, and Dennis. Mission accomplished.
Margaret with a big birthday smile as she makes the trek up to T1. Margaret completed her first HIM, which served as her 60th birthday celebration. What an inspiring accomplishment and incredible year for the Wojtowicz family.

Props to CoachCT

Local coach Craig Taylor recognized by peers

September 11, 2008 Mercury news services

Triathlon coach Craig Taylor of Guelph has been named the Coaches Association of Ontario's coach of the month for September.

A former triathlete, Taylor started volunteering as a coach while still competing. His passion for coaching grew from there and he co-founded the triathlon club at the University of Toronto during his graduate studies in 1999.

From there he went on to volunteer with the Ontario Association of Triathletes and Triathlon Canada, which later led to an internship with the National Triathlon Centre in Victoria and an assignment as the head coach of the Canada's 2004 FISU triathlon world championships team.

Triathlon Canada established a full-time, two-year coaching internship at the National Triathlon Centre and, as part of the internship, Taylor pursued a diploma in high-performance coaching at the National Coaching Institute in addition to coaching full time and attending World Cups, world championships and national team training camps.

In May of 2007, Taylor was hired by the Ontario Association of Triathletes as the Provincial Development Coach, thanks to Quest for Gold funding.
The funding allowed them to establish a full-time training program at the University of Guelph.

Over the last few years, Taylor has also been involved with National Coaching Certificate Program as an administrator and facilitator/evaluator.

Full article here

Friday, September 12, 2008

LPC September e-News

Click the logo below to view the LPC September e-News.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lance Armstrong Rides Again

In a exclusive, indefatigable anti-cancer crusader and seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong opens up about doping, dating, politics (including a possible run for the Texas statehouse), George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, the French, the next phase in his war on a global epidemic, and why he’s decided to try for an eighth Tour title—at age 37.

by Douglas Brinkley WEB EXCLUSIVE September 9, 2008

Full Article

Zoom Zoom

Bre and I purchased a 2009 Mazda5 yesterday. It will arrive within a couple of weeks. I did my usual (extensive) research and this car was a clear-cut winner. Our lifestyle calls for a car that is safe and spacious, but practical with good fuel economy. Sliding doors, a sun roof, AC, automatic transmission, and cruise control, were 'necessities'. Although it is a mini-van, I still like to think it has a hint of coolness to it. But soon i will be a family man, and Bre and I both know that this car will make us, and Maverick, and Little Loaring, quite satisfied, for years to come.

I like the red, but we choose black. Why? Because the red only comes in a sand interior--and grease marks will be very visible in no time The black has black interior. Henry Ford would be proud. Grease marks and dirt will be camouflaged.

Lots of room for our Little One's toys. However, I have a feeling that the toys will have a hard time remaining in their designated bin.

My swim bag really stinks, so I am not sure if Bre will give me the green light to put my swim bag in the car. The trunk on our Nissan helped contain the ecosystem of bad odour (to a certain degree).

Lots of room to secure my bike (and stroller). I can't afford a new bike now--so I might have to race on this little red fire engine (which is actually the nickname of my very first triathlon bike a loooooong time ago).

Below are my dream bikes that I certainly cannot afford. However, dreams once in awhile become reality. So I am optimistic that these are the steeds that I will be racing on during the 2009 season. How convenient that they are LPC colours.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Launch of LPC Apparel and Product Line

What was once exclusive to Team LPC athletes and support crew, is now available to all. Click here to view some of the goodies that are hot off the design and production line.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

One Super Summer


James Loaring enjoying life both on and off the course
September 02, 2008
Greg Layson, Mercury Staff

Summer's been very good to James Loaring.

The 30-year-old long-distance runner was married May 31. He and his wife are now expecting their first child. His business, Loaring Personal Coaching, is booming. And Saturday, Loaring won his third triathlon of the season.

Loaring was the first to break the tape at the Guelph Lake II Triathlon of the Subaru Triathlon Series. He finished the 750-metre swim, 30-kilometre bike race and 7km run in one hour, 23 minutes, 23 seconds. He finished the race three minutes faster than he did last season, when he came in second.

Daren Walton of Alton was second in 1:24:12 and North York's Paul Bregin was third at 1:25:27. Sheri Fraser of London was the top female finisher in a time of 1:31:51.

"This year's just been amazing," said Loaring, who also won the Bluewater Chase Olympic Triathlon and Belle River Triathlon.

Loaring now has eight top-10 finishes in nine triathlons this season. He recently began training at the provincial training centre at the University of Guelph under head coach Craig Taylor.

"I've been really busy and it's affected my training," Loaring said. "But I think I've been training a lot smarter. Now I go into races with no pressure and wanting to have fun. And this year's been a blast."

Making it a little more fun is the fact he now races against triathletes he coaches. Travis Goron, Shauna Carter and Tim Zippel, all trained by Loaring, were three of 579 triathletes in the sprint triathlon Saturday.

"They're new to the sport and really have the triathlon bug," Loaring said.

Goron is an up-and-comer. He crashed his bike at the Canadian Junior Triathlon Champs in Kelowna two weeks ago when a spectator ran across the road and accidently knocked him off his bike. He placed 56th yesterday.

Zippel came in 309th and Carter placed 422nd.

"The athletes that I coach say they enjoy me being out there racing, but I think one of the main reasons I'm racing well is because I draw a lot of inspiration from them being out there, too," Loaring said.

Loaring, now finished racing for the season, was going to spend Sunday afternoon on a couch at home watching Ironman Louisville that was to have three more of his pupils, Shelley McKee, Ralph Iannitelli and Rob Wojtowicz, race.

"I cheer them on. They cheer me on. And we have a great time," Loaring said.

Full Article

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

LPC at the Windsor Triathlon Weekend

I am a little slack posting some pics from a great day at the Windsor Triathlon on August 10th. It was a perfect weekend for a triathlon. The always successful Kids of Steel race took place on the Saturday. It is always great fun to cheer on Canada's future stars. LPC's Dawn Van Vlack and John Savoni both had their children participate. Dawn and John were running around like headless chicken (which served as excellent pre-race prep for their triathlon the next day) cheering on their children.

Team LPC had a great showing and all raced really well in the adult triathlon the next day. A great time was had by all. Major props go out to John McKibbon and his awesome army of passionate volunteers who once again put on another amazing event, and helped raise thousands more for Hospice.

Ralph Iannitelli was a busy man the day before preparing a 12 course gourmet meal. The meal was delicious and he backed it up with a win in age-group.
Pictured here is none other than Bill "the Beast" Davies and Keith "Parker" Henry.

Team Loaring Physio with the win in the mixed relay division. Charlotte Loaring swam, Kelly Krahn biked, and Mary Brannagan anchored the team on the run.

Dawn Van Vlack was the winner in the 40-44 age-group!

Helen "Rocket Robbo" Robertson showing off some well deserved hardware.

Jim "Warrior King" Cooke. He won his age-group (again) and I know what his secret is. He is the owner of the Lighthouse Inn Restaurant and he eats the best ribs in town.

Here is a slide show and video that I liberated from Kona Shelley's blog:

Monday, September 1, 2008

Loaring Physio Moves and Expands

Loaring Physiotherapy & Health Centre Expansion and Relocation Announcement

September 29, 2008 marks the exciting expansion and relocation of Loaring Physiotherapy & Health Centre to its new 5400 sq ft facility in Tecumseh (13126 Tecumseh Rd E, just west of Manning Rd).

Charlotte Loaring (Registered Physiotherapist, Owner, & Member of LPC), and the team at Loaring Physiotherapy, paired up with renowned local architect, Joseph Passa (Passa Associates Inc.), and professional engineer & contractor, David Petretta (Petretta Construction Inc.), to design and construct a new 5400 sq ft state-of-the-art health facility. The facility design takes into account all factors, including: artistic vision, innovation, privacy, safety, client and staff comfort, customer service, natural light, audio-visual capabilities, and educational/ resource opportunities. Windsor/Essex hasn’t seen anything like this before.

This new facility will allow the team at Loaring Physiotherapy to continue to expand and improve its services in a way our community deserves.

An Open House Evening will take place in November, and will be widely advertised. We invite you to come then, or at any other convenient time, to tour our facility, and meet and ask questions of our team. You may also wish to browse the Loaring Physiotherapy Olympic & Sports Memorabilia Collection, obtained from one of the world’s largest collections of Olympic Memorabilia.

"Take your health to the next level"

Loaring Physiotherapy & Health Centre
13126 Tecumseh Road East Carmen Place (West of Manning Road)Tecumseh, ON N8N 3T6
T: 519-739-2700
F: 519-739-2708